Thinking of joining our driving team?

Here are a few points to help you make your decision.

Half Price Settle

Drivers benefit from 12 weeks’ half price settle whenever they first register with Harry’s.

Training & Support

The Harry’s Cars Driver Training Academy provides unrivaled training and support for new applicants to help you gain your WBC JDL Taxi Badge.

Fair Crack of the Whip

Harry’s operates zero tolerance towards feeding or any other manipulation of our dispatch algorithms. Bookings are automatically assigned to the driver within the dispatch system settings set by management. We don’t care who you know or how long you’ve been here… drivers are all treated the same and share equal earning potential.

Cash Work

Our industry remains notoriously hand to mouth as drivers can go out and earn whatever they need whenever they need it. It’s therefore essential that credit work forms only a tiny percentage of your income… otherwise, drivers end up bankrolling account customers. Cash journeys still account for over 95% of Harry’s work… giving you, the driver, more pounds in your pocket and less credit work waiting to clear.

Account Work

We can establish that each account job is valued at an average of £8.50. We can also establish that credit work accounts for less than 5% of your income on average, which shouldn’t, therefore, present you with too much of a cash flow problem. For your further peace of mind, Harry’s guarantees to pay drivers for every approved credit journey, even when Harry’s is unable to recover payment from the account holder. Harry’s also guarantees driver payment within 7 days whilst we have to wait over a month for account holders to pay us.

Card / Contactless Work

Harry’s offers both cash and card facilities to all its customers. With card work helping to bring an increase in work and quality of journeys, this gives you access to the growing number of passengers who now prefer to pay by credit card and debit card.


Our control centre and its 30 staff members provide unrivaled services for drivers. Admin Support is open 8 am – 6 pm Monday to Friday and 9 am – 12 pm Saturday for drivers to pay settle or update documentation. You can also opt to receive weekly invoices by email. Supervisors also remain at your service for support and advice 24 hours a day.

Fare Structure

The fare structures operated by Hackney drivers and many other operators are hopelessly out of step with current consumer patterns.
DAYS – From 7 am to midnight we charge our Day Tariff of £2.80 for the first mile and then £1.70 for every other mile, operating our most competitive fares to keep the customers rolling in.
NIGHTS– From midnight to 5 am we charge our Night Tariff of £3.70 for the first mile and £2.00 for every other mile.


The beating heart of any taxi operation is its DISPATCH ENGINE. Bookings need to be distributed FAIR and FAST. For this, we here at Harry’s have invested in the best dispatch system in the market place — Cordic – one of the most advanced taxi dispatch systems the world has ever seen. Its communication abilities help to keep you in continuous contact with Harry’s customers. Your PDA gives you a full-colour screen and turn by turn satellite navigation. Nearby bookings are given to you automatically. Jobs a bit further away are listed on your Bidding screen so you can take your pick if you wish to bid for any of them.

All in all, it’s an impressive piece of hardware, demonstrating the seriousness we attach to your earnings.


For peace of mind, all our drivers’ PDAs have an EMERGENCY BUTTON. Once activated, we can track you on a real time map. On a circuit as popular as Harry’s, you are rarely far away from dozens of other drivers who can all be steered towards you in times of need. In addition, we have compiled a database of problem customers’ home addresses, telephone numbers, and the UDIDs of their handheld devices. If a customer displays aggression, racism or “does a runner” we can, for example, block their iPhone or Android device from being used to order taxis from us ever again. No system can guarantee your safety absolutely but we constantly review practices to ensure we are doing everything we can to keep you safe out there on the road.

Hire Cars

We have about one-third of Harry’s drivers who rent vehicles from 3rd party “fleet operators” so as to avoid the responsibility of buying and maintaining their own car. This also has the advantage of spare cars being available for you to keep working in the event of a breakdown or collision. Harry’s has over 4 approved fleet operators who also rent a wide range of licensed vehicles. Whatever your age or personal circumstances, Harry’s drivers are therefore more likely to be able to find a suitable rented vehicle which allows you to work and for personal use from suppliers who can accommodate you right now.